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Hello from the massif

This is our Drupal-driven page on As we go along, we'll be adding tip & tricks about making web pages (in general, and with Drupal) in our blog and adding some content types in the files & downloads section.

About Drupal on

We are currently running Drupal 6. It's set up so that every site we host has it's own database - so we can give you a copy of that if you wanted it. We've also installed many additional modules to increase the functionality of Drupal. We maintain these centrally, so you don't have to worry about keeping up to date. There are thousands of modules and themes available for Drupal. If there's one you want for your site, just drop us a line and we'll install it.

Here's the Drupal Rap (believe it or not)

See video

Other sites on

  • Thames Valley Climate Action is an activist network we're involved with.
  • Oxford Medics is a group of people that do first aid support to activist goups.
  • Shtig is a top graphic designer based in Oxford. Great political illustrations.
  • Radical X is a platform for sex-positive, activist art making & writing.
  • Oxford Permaculture Group. Sustainability, permaculture design and community building in Oxfordshire.
  • nor is an Oxford activist and live artist.
  • Oxford Feminist Network brings together feminist activity & campaigns across Oxford.
  • Action Medics is a UK network providing radical person-centred medical care in places it wouldn't otherwise be.
  • (Y)Our Generation. Students tacking action to stop climate change.
  • Oxfordshire Reclaim the Night. Marching to demand and end to violence against women.
  • Base (this site) is maintained by with information for people that host their sites here.
  • Penguin is one of the people behind This is his 'play with Drupal' site.
  • Charlie Harvey hosts his cms backend with us.
  • Charlie's Drupal Aggregator keeps track of everything Charlie Harvey posts on the interwebs.
  • hack is a group that shares their techie skills with fellow activists in Oxford