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Remote file access for Drupal users

Word up OX4ers

The lovely peeps behind radicalx suggested that we set up remote file access for Drupal users. So we did. 

Slowloris protection with Varnish

You may have noticed 11 seconds of downtime on your OX4 site at about 8PM on 24 Jan 2011.

That was because we were deploying a new bit of software to protect our server against a denial of service attack called Slowloris. We can protect against it with a bit of software called Varnish

The revolution will not be tweeted

Patrick McCurdy produced this image as part of an art project in response to an interesting discussion 
thread on the eCampaigning forum. Duane Raymond has written up his thoughts.


The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted

Controlling where blocks show - node types, taxonomy vocabulary, and specific pages

Most people expect web sites to be easy to navigate. If visitors can't find what they want quickly and easily, they will probably leave your site very quickly. Controlling where block show can make your site a lot easier to navigate. This post explains how you can customise different blocks to be shown or hidden based on:

  • Whether the visitor is looking at a page of certain node type.
  • Whether they are looking at a page of a particular taxonomy vocabulary.
  • Whether they are on a specific page.

Embedding video from, YouTube, etc.

There's a nice module - Embedded Media Field - that lets you show videos on your site by just putting the URL on a page. I struggled a bit in setting it up, so I thought I'd write this quick step-by-step guide.

Making administering your site easier.

Drupal is a very powerful Content Management System, but this has it's drawbacks. It's not always the easiest or most intuitive system to use. There are a couple of tools that can make this easier.

Show blocks only on pages (nodes) of a certain type


I have a block that I want to appear in the sidebar, but only when the viewer is looking at a certain node type.

Create a log in / logout link

This code can be used to avoid needing a log in block on your site.

How to create news items and a news list in Drupal

There's a great step-by-step method on the fbloggs site on how to create use Drupal to create news items, display the latest stories in a block (which can be put in, for example, a block on your site), a page with the most recent news, and an archive of news. It's also quite a good introduction on how to create new content types and use the views module.
UPDATE: I've added some files that you can download and import to add news stories to your site. They're based on this step by step blog, but have some extra bits (e.g. RSS news feed). They're in the files section here.

First steps with your drupal page

Here's a step by step guide to making new your new site yours.

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